Friday, April 16, 2010

Monistat ad from the 90's

The last thing this woman needs is a "reusable" applicator. Thankfully, with Monistat7 you can kill off more of the earth and get some "cleanliness".

Fabio ad from the 90's

FABIO! The man of every woman's dream in the 90's. I can't believe it's not butter called to fat women that you may not get the guy you can still pretend to eat very fattening foods and feel good about yourself.

Fabio does look great in this ad!

Always ad from 1990's

C'mon. Always asks everyone why they aren't all about dri-weave. Complete with blue fluid tests that prove these pads absorb more than one little sheet of paper.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Virginia Slims ads from the 1990's

Sit and wait for the phone to ring? Remember when that was the case? Not for this awesome woman... she needs to get out and get smoking. Virgina slims what a sexy way to smoke.

Remember Susan Powter?

Remember Susan Powter? That energetic lady with the blonde buzzcut? She seemed sooo crazy. Like who is this shaved head lady from the 90's? It was Susan Powter and she had the Ultimate self Help TV show in the 90's!!

Stayfree Ad from the 1990's

Stayfree SureFit The absolute best protection you can buy! Another great 1990's maxi pad ad from Stayfree. Great old woman's Day ads.

Anti wedgie panties ad from the 90's

This Fruit of the Loom panties ad from the 1990's is one of the many attempts to keep panties from going where they should not go!!!

Playtex Panties ad from the 1990's

This Playtex Panties ad from the 90's shows that everybody with great abs must have some sort of fabtastic underwear behind their physique. It's no wonder with all of the fattening recipes in these woman's magazines from the 1990s!

1994 KY Jelly Ad

This is a scary KY Jelly ad from the 1990's. KY seemed to be after the scared safe sex market of the mid 90's with their ad for a safer lube than the evil petroleum Jelly.